when is my bounty awarded and charged?

your bounty won't be awarded (and you won't be charged) until after the bake is finished and the video has been released to you for preview. once released, you have 3 days to either finalize and award your bounty to the baker, or open a dispute if there is a problem with the bake. opening a dispute will put your bounty on hold, and your bounty will not be awarded or charged until the dispute has been resolved. if no action is taken after 3 days, your bounty will be automatically finalized and awarded to the baker

a heartpie moderator will help mediate disputes, and both the user and baker will have have access to the dispute area of the site to discuss the issue and come to a resolution. users who abuse the dispute system will be permanently banned

keep in mind that when you place a bounty and assign it to a baker, you are making a commitment to pay the baker once their bake is complete. if the baker followed the recipes directions and made a good bake, be good to your baker and award your bounty in a timely manner

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