will i be charged when my bounty is added?

when you add a bounty to a recipe, we verify that you have either enough account credits or a credit card saved on your account to cover the bounty payment. since adding a bounty on a recipe doesn't mean the recipe will actually get baked, nothing is charged at that time

after you've picked a baker and they've accepted your nomination, we put a hold on your bounty to prevent any changes while the baker is busy filming their video. your bounty is charged when you finalize and award your bounty

we will always try to deduct bounty payments from your available account credits first. if you do not have sufficient credits to cover your bounty, the remainder will be charged to the default payment method saved on your account. when adding a new default payment, you may see a $1 pre-authorization charge, which helps us verify your credit card is valid. this temporary charge will disappear after 3-5 days, depending on your bank


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