transparent fees

tired of tokens? so are we. all bounties and subscriptions are made in dollars, and bakers are paid in dollars. no ponzi-esque token conversion schemes that hurt both fans and content creators. at heartpie, there are no fees when money is used within the site to pay for things like bounties and subscriptions. we take a flat 25% processing fee if you choose to withdraw funds

where does this 25% fee go, you ask? as a nsfw content platform, nearly all payment processing services you may be familiar with (paypal, google checkout, amazon payments, square, stripe) refuse to do business with us. only payment processors who specialize in the adult industry are an option. and you guessed it, they are much more expensive... on average, we pay them about 20% in fees

we use the remaining 5% to cover our two big expenses - server costs, and media storage/streaming costs. anything we have left over goes straight to our developers to build out new features and squash annoying bugs

check out our blog post for a full breakdown of our fee structure

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