what are the baking guidelines?

there are three guidelines all bakers must follow when baking:

first, videos must be filmed natively in at least 1080p resolution and be a minimum of 5 minutes in duration. if you're able to film in 4K or 60FPS, let us know! we're working hard to push for high quality content, so may be interested in helping sponsor some of your bakes

second, you will need to show the current date and the word "heartpie" when baking a custom recipe. it can be written anywhere: on a piece of paper, on your hand, be as creative as you want! it must be displayed by the baker only, and cannot be edited or cut into the video. this helps ensure the original content being uploaded was filmed with your consent

lastly, only verified bakers may participate in the video. anyone who directly participates in or provides assistance to participants in your video must also have a verified baker account. this helps us ensure all participants in your video are consenting adults

Submit a question here, find us on twitter, or email us at team@heartpie.com