what's the baking process like?

it's pretty straightforward - you can indicate your interest in baking a recipe by clicking the blue "i'm interested" button on the right-hand side of the recipe page. by indicating your interest, all followers of the recipe will be automatically notified. users who want to see you bake this recipe can then assign their open bounties to you

once you feel comfortable with the amount of bounties assigned to you, you can begin your bake by clicking the "start baking" button. any bounties assigned to you will be locked to prevent changes while you bake. optionally, you can also decide to bake a recipe for free at anytime without any bounties

after you begin baking, you'll be given up to 4 days to finish and submit your bake. once your bake is submitted, heartpie moderators will perform a quick review to ensure it meets the baking guidelines, and release a short preview to users who have assigned their bounty to you (if its a free bake, the preview step is skipped and your bake is complete!)

users have up to 3 days to preview your bake and finalize their bounty. funds will be deposited into your account as bounties get finalized. bounties not finalized after 3 days will be automatically finalized. once all bounties have been finalized, you're bake is considered complete, and will appear on the recipe page, your baker profile page, and in the bakery

happy baking!

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