can i bake content together with other people?

absolutely! if the other person(s) is already a baker on heartpie, you can simply list them as a collaborator when submitting your video.

if the other person is not yet a baker on heartpie, you have two options:

1. ask them to create their own account and get verified as a baker

2. or, add them as a content creator under your own shared baker account

for example, a couple who usually creates content content together may find using a shared account to be more convenient than maintaining two separate baker account profiles. conversely, friends who only occasionally make content together may find it easier to have their own, separate baker accounts so they can keep their funds and account information separate

it's all just a matter of personal preference - having a shared account does not mean you have to always create content with everyone on your account. when baking a recipe, you can select who participated in your content, including other bakers who have their own, separate accounts

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