what's instant billing?

bakers can choose to enable instant billing on per month subscriptions. when enabled, new subscribers are billed instantly for a full month in order to receive access to all of the baker's existing content

instant billing does not affect future subscription payments to the baker. this one-time, upfront payment is separate from the regular recurring subscription payments that are charged at the beginning of each calendar month

should i use it?

the feature is completely optional, and could make sense if you prefer to deliver your custom subscription rewards as soon as a fan subscribes (eg. immediately sending a dropbox link to extra content, rather than waiting until the 1st of the month). with instant billing, you don't have to worry about subscribers avoiding payment by cancelling their subscription before payment is due. it can also be a good option if you don't want subscribers to access any of your existing heartpie content without first having made a payment

how do i enable it?

instant billing is available only if you choose "per month" as your subscription frequency. to do this, click the "edit subscriptions" link on your baker profile page, pick "per month", and select the instant billing option. your existing subscribers are unaffected - any changes you make will only ever affect future subscribers

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