should i post content to my profile page?

in a word, yes! sharing content on your profile page is one of the the easiest ways for users to get to know you and understand what kind of content you create. whether you're looking to bake recipes, or grow your subscribers, posts are one of the most effective ways to do it. here's why:

1. when users request bakers to fulfill a recipe, they will usually click into your profile to learn more about you. a lone profile picture is normally not enough for them to decide to choose you to fulfill their recipe. posts give users a better idea of the kind of content you create

2. when users are deciding whether or not to subscribe to you, a big part of that decision is seeing if you post content frequently, and whether there is any subscriber-only content they'll get access to. having a good history of posts goes a long way in convincing a user to subscribe

3. fans can tip you for your posts!

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