[expired] beta promo for new bakers - $50 baking bonus

to celebrate our private beta launch, we’re matching all recipe rewards by up to $50. when bounties are awarded to a baker for baking a recipe they haven't baked before, we'll match those bounties in full, up to a total of $50 per bake. every baker is eligible to receive this bonus multiple times, once for each new recipe they bake. the $50 bonus is credited to the baker's account once all bounties have been finalized and the bake is considered complete

for example, let's say you're a baker and you indicate your interest on a recipe that has $200 in open bounties. after a couple recipe fans assign their open bounties to you, you decide to go ahead and bake the recipe to lock in those bounties

after your bake is finished and your two fans have previewed your video and awarded their bounty to you, we will match the total of those awarded bounties by up to $50, and deposit the bonus into your account within 1-2 days

so, if the two bounties were for $10 each, you would see an extra $20 bonus in your account. if the two bounties were for $40 each, you would see an extra $50 in your account, since $50 is the max bonus per bake

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