our dispute policy

a user can open a dispute if they believe the baker did not properly follow the recipe. if a user decides to dispute their bounty, the baker and the heartpie team will be notified to investigate the issue. the dispute can be viewed and commented on by all parties involved, with the goal of collectively reaching an agreeable resolution

the disputed bounty is put on hold while the dispute is being investigated. after the heartpie team has investigated the issue and gathered information from both the user and the baker, a decision will be made as to whether the bounty should be cancelled or charged

we take dispute abuse very seriously - users who submit unfounded bounty disputes will be permanently banned. conversely, bakers who intentionally submit bakes that do not match the recipe will also be banned

for bounties that have already been paid, please refer to our refund policy

Submit a question here, find us on twitter, or email us at team@heartpie.com