are bakes free to watch?

registered heartpie users can watch bakes for free in standard (480p) resolution after 30 days. a tip is required in order to watch the bake in 1080p resolution. during the 30 day private period immediately following the completion of a bake, only supporters of the bake, subscribers to the baker, and users who tip the baker have early access to watch the full video in 1080p

we believe that making bakes free to watch after 30 days helps expose users to nsfw bakers and recipes they may have never thought to click (let alone pay for). this in turn helps grow the audience that bakers and recipes receive, which ultimately leads to more tips, bounties, subscribers for the baker (and more content for their fans)

we understand that this pay-what-you-can approach to baking is pretty unique to heartpie. one of our goals during our private beta is to closely monitor how well this model works for our content creators, and make adjustments before launch based on feedback from our bakers and fans

to share content privately with paid subscribers only, bakers can use their baker stream


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