[expired] recipe of the week - $100 baking bonus, every week!

to celebrate the holiday season and help bring unique and exciting nsfw ideas to life, the heartpie team will be picking a new recipe each week to feature on the front page and sponsor with a bonus $100 baking bounty!


here's how it works

1. each week, we'll announce a new featured Recipe of the Week and place our own $100 bonus bounty on the recipe

2. at the end of the week (midnight on Sunday PST), the baker with the most funding on the recipe from fans will be assigned the bonus bounty


how will you decide which recipe to feature?

we'll be picking different recipes to feature each week based on their overall bakeability (yes, we did just invent that word 🙃). this factors in things such as how well-written they are, their uniqueness, their popularity, and their relative ease (or difficulty) of baking 


how long does the winning baker have to start their bake?

after the $100 bounty has been assigned at the end of the week, the winning baker should begin their bake as soon as possible to avoid the bonus bounty being reassigned to the next baker. once baking starts, it will follow the normal recipe baking process


what happens if the winning baker doesn't bake the recipe?

we'll do our best to follow-up with the winning baker to get their bake started, but if the baker is unresponsive, the $100 bonus will be assigned to the next baker with the most funding from recipe fans


what are the video requirements?

see this answer on heartpie's baking guidelines


can anyone bake the recipe?

see this answer on how to become a baker


other questions? just ask and we'll add it to the FAQ!

Submit a question here, find us on twitter, or email us at team@heartpie.com