what's a shared baker account?

with a shared baker account, anyone you add to your account who uploads a valid photo ID can participate in the content you create on heartpie. unlike having a separate baker account, content creators on a shared account share the same username and password information to login, and all funds are deposited and withdrawn to the same, single shared account.

for example, a couple who usually creates content content together may find using a shared account to be more convenient than maintaining two separate baker account profiles. conversely, friends who occasionally make content together may find it easier to have their own, separate baker accounts so they can keep their funds and account information separate.

it's all just a matter of personal preference - having a shared account does not mean you have to always create content with everyone verified on your account. when baking a recipe, you can select who participated in your content, including other bakers who have their own, separate accounts.

you can make your account into a shared account at any time by uploading additional verification pictures, and there is no limit to the number of content creators on a shared account. however, keep in mind that a person can only be a part of one account at a time. if you already have your own separate baker account, you cannot be added as a member of another baker's shared account (and vice versa).



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